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0844 995 0008 info@salesmastersguild.com


Go-To Expert - Client Attraction Workshop

'For the business owner who sells their 'expertise'




Does your 'main income' derive from people

buying your service based on your expertise & knowledge? 

During this training workshop, we'll explain 'WHY' so many 'expertise' business owners struggle to attract a steady flow of clients, and HOW with a few tweaks to your core business model you can attract more customers on a regular basis for what you offer.

We’ll share with you ‘HOW’ the HIGH-INCOME experts are attracting clients

In todays highly competative world only the most forward thinking and 'astute' are earning their true potential; They are doing this by constantly analysing the landscape and fine tuning their marketing & sales strategies to be the Go-to persona for what they DO.


In this workshop style training presented by sales & business expert John Kettley, you'll learn:-



It's an unfortunate fact that most 'expertise' business owners never achieve the level of income they want from their business, the reason being that most have never 'studied' how to package their offering to attract a steady flow of clients, which is why we are delivering this workshop, to help serviced based business owners to create a more financially robust lifestyle business.


If you've read this far, chances are you're now in the right frame of mind to invest some time and energy to make 2018 your best year ever, I do hope you wil invest in your learning and join us at our next expertise client attraction workshop.


    John F Kettley 



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