Mentored Entrepreneur Training



We are an education and mentoring organisation

Our students & clients are 'business owners' who want to learn how to massively increase their personal income, by building a wealth creating business in the shortest possible time


The Entrepreneur Formula


Starting a business is in many ways the easy part, the real challenges begin when the business has been launched and established..


For many, the main challenge is in knowing 'how' to convert passion, knowledge and ambition into an income generating, wealth creating,  business that truly does afford a quality work-life balance.


Here at the Sales Masters Guild our mission is to teach & mentor you

How to become a high Net-Worth Entrepreneur


All of our mentored trainings and peers group sessions are completely focused on giving you the latest and best strategies and tactics to accelerate you from where you are now, to having built a high-income business in the shortest possible time.


On this site you'll find discover all of our live mentored training seminars we deliver around the UK.





The Entrepreneurs Training Seminar


In this fantastic fast paced day, you'll learn the formula all seriously successful entrepreneurs use to build solid wealth creating businesses.


You'll learn HOW to form a value proposition that attracts a steady stream of high-value clients and a business model that will create for you a high-income from what it is that YOU do.





Sales and Negotiation Training Seminar


Your success in business is wholly dependant on your ability to communicate in an effortlessly inspirational and compelling way.


In this highly interactive and (we're told) eye opening 1 day workshop training, you'll learn an easy to use method for massively increasing the results you get in your business, you'll leave knowing exactly how to transition a conversation into income generating business...






Pro Networker Training Seminar


There really is a phenominal amount of business to be earned from attending business networking events. The challenge for most is in knowing 'HOW' to spot opportunities and transition those conversations into real world opportunities.


In this 1 Day workshop training, you'll learn exactly how to walk into any business networking event confident and on purpose, so that you walk away with real world opportunities to do business.






Mentored Peer Groups


How much faster would you progress if you had a personal business mentor?


A peer group of like minded highly ambitious Entrepreneurs,

who will go out of their way to help you to accelerate you personal business growth, people you can depend on to help you solve the challenges and celebrate the triumphs.





The expert knowledge of sales and his fantastic teaching ability has made a massive difference to my confidence in every aspect of my business. Huge thanks to John Kettley for changing the way I look at the business world for the better, producing measurable results. His back-up calls and continuous correspondence are greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!


Martin Kearney - Internetwork Media

"The Sales Masters Guild sales courses and coaching methods completely change your perception and business life, giving you the motivation to succeed.

Having recently completed the Advanced Sales and Marketing Course, I walked in one person and came out a completely different more motivated and confident individual knowing exactly what my business does and for whom.

I would recommend that any business owner finding every day business a challenge have a chat with the Sales Masters Guild team." 


Deborah Skeldon - Veal Associates

“The Sales foundation workshop was fantastic, I’ve already personally referred two of my clients to and the results have been fantastic. Any business owner looking to increase their sales should come on this course and send their sales teams through this process”… 


Scott Dwyer - Motivations

"I was suffering with a poor conversion rate (2 in 10) until I spent a day with a Sales Masters Guild mentor, then the very next day my conversion rate hit 8 out of 10 and paid for the course the very next day!!, since then its gone from strength to strength”. -


Chris Bailey, the Carpet cleaning man

“What a fantastic day at the sales foundation workshop, I never realised how simple selling could be, this should be mandatory for everyone in business” -


Jamie Dwyer, Gladleys Deli-cafe

I attended the Sales Masters Guild Business Breakthrough Day, it really helped me focus on the fundamental goals and strategy of my business. I found John Kettley to be an honourable mentor working with me to seek my true goals. 
I would recommend any business to look who want to grow to attend..


Sandra Jones - ATT Book keeping

One of the best workshops I have ever attended, an excellent and enjoyable day, I learned a lot”. 


Mel Fuller - NLP Coach

The Sales Foundation workshop, I found it to be truly excellent. Clearly defining the sales process and how to work through it with potential new clients. The training is very interactive, very enjoyable and one benefits from having other business owners present. 
I recommend this sales training course to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales operation


Robert Harris - AIMS Acountants

I highly recommend the Sales Foundation course, you will learn an enormous amount about how to communicate in business that will also help you hugely in your personal life too. Massively confidence building, this workshop should be mandetory for everyone in business..


Beverley Dencham - Lifestyle Pilates

In the first 6 months of 2011 I more than doubled the sales I achieved in the whole of the previous year (2010). This is due in no small part to the fact that I attended the Sales Masters Guild Sales Training Workshop in September 2010, which taught me some great selling techniques. 


Andy Greenwood - WPA

I attended the Sales Master Guild training to improve my sales conversion ratios. I found the course invaluable even to someone who has had been on several sales training courses in the past.


You can always learn something new and by implementing just a small change it will change your results, this course explains the sales process well and adds a new dimension to it...


Davina Farrer - Utility Warehouse

Some brilliant tips advice and tips... - Lisa Smith Active web design

So very interesting, so right and so simple - Siobhan Parker Utility Warehouse